Frequently Asked Questions.

We have compiled this list of questions that our visitors often ask.

1. What are the file restrictions for free image hosting?

Files must be under 8 MB for members and under 4 MB for guests, they must be of a gif,jpg,jpeg,png,bmp and they must not be pictures with adult content or illegal activities.

2. Do you allow direct linking to uploaded images?

Yes. When you upload an image, you will be given an actual URL to the actual image file. You may link to the image from any site on the Internet.

3. Is there a bandwidth limit for uploaded images?

Yes, there is a limit of 10240 GB per image for guests and 20480 GB per image for members. Our service is not designed to handle hosting for large (i.e.: high traffic) web sites.

4. What types of images can I upload?

You may not upload pictures that contain nudity, sexual content, etc. You also may not upload images that contain illegal content or depict illegal activities. Examples of illegal content would be child pornography, bestiality, etc. If you are not sure about your image, please ask us first. We will remove illegal images or images that contain adult content.

5. Is nudity and/or sexual content allowed?

No. Please see the answer to #4.

6. Will pictures I upload remain private?

Photos will be public on the gallery unless you set them to "Private" on upload.

7. Will my e-mail address remain private?

Yes. We will not share your email address with anyone and we will not send e-mail to you other than the one e-mail containing your links to your uploaded image. (Only when the link is exclusively requested by you.)

8. How long will images remain hosted?

Please keep in mind that we are not cloud service provider. We are images hosting & sharing service provider. We may delete images which have not been viewed even once in 180 days from date of upload. We may also delete images which have not been viewed in last 360 days.

9. How can I contact site administration?

You can email site administration here: support[at]

10. Where can I find site Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy can be checked here

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